Pharmacological product in oral solution, for administration in drinking water, containing Colistin Sulphate

propiedades Properties

Product category: Medicine containing Colistin Sulphate

Indicated for treatment of gastrointestinal tract infections caused by Escherichia coli susceptible to colistin. 

Mechanism of action

Penetration through the bacterial cell membrane, causing changes in its permeability, as a consequence of the interaction with the phospholipid components. These changes alter the osmotic barrier, making the bacteria more sensitive to their chemical environment and allowing their ultimate lysis. 

Spectrum of action

Colistin is a bactericidal antibiotic, especially efrective against gram-negative bacteria, particularly Enterobacteriaceae. Colistin has practically no activity against gram-positive bacteria or fungi. Gram-positive bacteria are naturally resistant to colistin, as well as other gram negative-bacteria like Proteus and Serratia. However, it is rare for enteric gram-negative bacteria to develop resistance, and in cases where it does happen, it is due to a single-step mutation.


Colistin sulfate, 2.000.000 IU/ml

  • Swine

dosis Dosis

Oral administration through drinking water.

Swine (fattening pigs): 0,50 mL of Colione Lamons/10 Kg LW/day, during 3 -5 consecutive days, depending on the severity of the infection, orally in drinking water


1 Litre and 5 Litres

Register number

Registration number: ESP 2256

observaciones Observations

Pharmacokinetic information

Colistin is poorly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. Colistin presents a very low serum and tissue concentration, wheras it achieves high and persistent concentrations in the different sections of the gastrointestinal tract. High metabolic rates are not observed. Colistin is excreted almost exclusively through the faeces. 


Period of validity of the medical veterinary product prepared for sail: 3 years. Period of validity after its dilution according to the indications: 24 hours. 

Withdrawal period: 0 days (meat)