The R + D in animal health and food safety for LABORATORIOS LAMONS SA has strategic relevance, dedicating a median of 9% of turnover.
The determining factor in establishing lines of research and development is to have the support of veterinarians, producers, universities and research centers from which we take their needs and transform them into clear business objectives that satisfy.

The recognized innovative activity of Lamons allows you to access different lines of public aid for the financing of your R + D business projects in strategic sectors.

Lamons outsources part of its R & D to public and private centers of recognized prestige within the sector of health and animal production, with which it maintains long-term synergies.

Lamons is currently focusing on:

  • Non-pharmacological products intended for intensive productive operations that prevent diseases and dysfunctions; substitutive or complementary to antibiotics, with minimal environmental impact, that fight against zoonoses.
  • Generic pharmacological.
  • Projects related to innovation in production processes that guarantee the quality and safety of products, processes and operators.

The policy of LAMONS in this area centers around the search for strategic partners worldwide to jointly lead long-term R & D projects.