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All Lamons products are manufactured in Europe; the headquarters and main production plant (over 3000 m2) is located in Lleida, Spain.

Since 2000, LAMONS SA facilities for the manufacture of veterinary medicines complies with European legislation on EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) with number 4284ESP granted by the AEMPS.

In the manufacturing of animal feed products, LAMONS complies with Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles that guarantee Food Safety with authorization number αESP25101154 for the manufacture of additives, premixtures and feed, granted by DAGPAMN.

Since May 2019 LAMONS LABORATORIES obtains FAMI-QS Food Certificate number FAM-1351.  FAMI-QS Certification certifies that LAMONS has implemented and maintains a Feed Safety Management System including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in compliance with FAMI-QS Code.

We operate with Lean Manufacturing tools in search of continuous improvement and to be more efficient and ensure the safety of processes, products and personnel in all stages, as well as the tasks of the professionals who execute them at efficient cost. Always while minimizing the environmental impact of the processes.

Lamons’s production systems are equipped with manufacturing, packaging and conditioning technologies that comply with hygiene, product and operator safety. This allows the complete traceability of any product, as well as a constant and stable quality throughout the production line.

The Quality Control department performs the physiochemical and microbiological controls for the products produced in LAMONS, for which it has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. The Laboratory of Quality Control of LAMONS SA is accredited with the EU GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) for veterinary medicines and as an Agri-Food Laboratory for animal nutrition products.

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