Liquid complementary feed to prevent the consequences of stress (anorexia and weight loss, loss of immunity, pica or cannibalism).

propiedades Properties

Product category: Complementary feed

ACTYBOL provides bioactive ingredients with an enhanced metabolic effect, increasing their natural defenses and resistance to stress.


  • Under stressful situations (noise, sudden changes in temperature…) and prior to transportation.
  • In case of high densities of animals, in order to prevent aggressiveness between them as well as its consequences (biting, pecking).
  • During the laying phase in high performance laying hens.
  • After farrowing in ruminants.
  • During lactation in animals with large litters.
  • Particularly, when there is risk of bacterial and viral infections accompanied by loss of appetite, fatigue, pain, tachycardia, arrhythmias and respiratory distress.

  • Sorbitol
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Propylene glycol
  • Carnitine chlorhydrate
  • Artichoke extract
  • Rosemary extract
  • Thyme extract

  • Swine
  • Quails, partridges, pheasants and others
  • Hamsters, ferrets and others
  • Pigeons and other cage birds
  • Broilers
  • Turkeys
  • Ostriches
  • Calves
  • Ovine
  • Caprine
  • Equidae
  • Camels
  • Rabbits
  • Dogs
  • Cats

dosis Dosis

Mix at a ratio of 1 mL/Litre of water, during 1-7 days.


250 mL, 1 Litre and 5 Litres

Register number

Manufacturer Authorization Nº: αESP25101154

Veterinary prescription not required.

observaciones Observations

Overdose, contraindications and adverse effects: Not reported

Withdrawal Period: Not necessary

Administration during lactation and gestation: No contraindications have been described.

Interaction with other products: Possible interaction with alkaline products; therefore, it is recommended perform a test prior to mixing it with other products in the tank or feed dispenser.  

Special precautions for use: This product can lead to the formation of precipitates, therefore it is recommended to mix with precaution in these cases (perform a test in a small container before mixing products in the feed dispenser